Vashon Glaciation Map14,000 Years Ago When The Puget Lobe Of The Cordilleran Ice Sheet Melted, Whidbey Island,'s Long, Narrow And Serpentine Shape Was Left Standing In The Puget Sound. The Flow Of These Glacial Melts Is What Caused The Interesting, And Sometimes Confusing Shape Of The Puget Sound And The Eccentricities Of Itís Shoreline. It Also Accounts For The Extreme Depth Of The Puget Sound In Relation To The Width Of Itís Channels. This Depth Exceeds 1,000 Feet In Some Areas. The Great Depth Of Puget Sound Is What Allow For Seattle To Be Home To One Of The Busiest Ports In The World. These Glacial Melts Do Not Specifically ďcarveĒ, As In Cutting Into The Landscape Via The Mechanics Of Ice/Glaciers, But Rather Eroding The Geology From Glacial Melt. As The Ice Retreated, Vast Amounts Of Glacial Till Were Deposited Throughout The Puget Sound Region. The Oldest Known Human Artifacts In The Area Have Been Dated From 13,800 Years Ago. - Wikipedia -
Whidbey Island Has A Population Of 62,845 (2010 Census); Is Approximately 35 Miles Long; Varies From 1 1/2 To 12 Miles Wide And Covers 168.67 Square Miles. The South End Of The Island Gets About 30 Inches Of Rain Per Year, The North About 26 Inches And The Central Area Around Coupeville Gets 18 To 20 Inches Per Year.
Whidbey Island Was Mapped In 1792 By Joseph Whidbey And Peter Puget As Part Of Capt. George Vancouver's Expedition Into The Puget Sound.
In 1850 Isaac Ebey Became The First Permanent White Settler When He Established A 640 Acre Farm On The Sunny Side Of Whidbey Island. He Was The Port Townsend Post Master And Rowed A Boat Across Admiralty Inlet Almost Daily Until 1857 When Hostile Native Americans Beheaded Him.

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